AT Congress 9-15 August 2016
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Three hour Natural Running workshop in Chiswick April 2014
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Pointers from October 2013 Course
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Barefoot Running and Proprioceptive Prowess
  Barefoot Running and Proprioceptive Prowess     INTRODUCTION   Join the growing number who are trying this and kick your...
welcome to natural running

barefoot running

We are comitted to inury free, enjoyable running.

We want to share the insights of 20 years teaching and exploring how to run more freely and efficiently.

Our aim is to create a space for others to share their passions and insights about the wonderful, natural activity of running.

Who are we?

Natural Running

Whatever your goals better body-awareness will enrich your running.

The rhythms of running naturally involve the whole body. While the foot is foundational the key to natural running lies in improved head-to-toe coordination.

Over 20 years Natural Running has encouraged barefoot exploration. A refined understanding of a natural stride is a crucial baseline.  These video clips, taken only hours apart show how quickly a fluent natural stride can reveal itself.


Click here to see John Woodward demonstrating a natural running barefoot action...

The experience of a natural stride, the look, sound and feel of it will answer key questions: how much shoe do I really need, how can I dig myself out of the niches of habit to improve my running style?

We are pursuing greater freedom, form and fitness.

Find out more...

You don't have to run barefoot to learn from the barefoot experience