What happens in an Alexander Technique lesson

All you really need to bring along for a lesson is your presence and an openness to explore. Usually first lessons are never quite what you expect!

Lessons invariably involve exploring patterns of habitual movement and how you support yourself during these movements.  This might at times involve lying on the floor or mostly on a teaching table. This means that is preferable that you wear clothes that are easy to move in. Unlike massage or different sorts of manipulative body-work, Alexander Technique lessons do not require direct contact with muscle and skin. You do not have to take off any of your clothes.

A light hands-on refined touch is used as your attention is guided through various activities.  You learn to engage with and refine the Body Sense and that is on the ‘neuro’ side of  the neuro-muscular re-pattering. It is not like massage which is on the ‘muscular’ side of the neuro-muscular partnership.

How long is an appointment? A typical lesson is around 35 minutes.

The cost of a lesson is £25.


Making an appointment

You can ring  to make an appointment on: 01524 844 299
or for an appointment in Furness/South Lakes: 012229 889519

Alternatively email  at:  [email protected]



We have had to make changes to way that we work due to Covid-19.

We are able to offer a number of options for lessons with varying degrees of contact. Options for lessons

You can find a summary of the measures we have taken to ensure your, and our, safety. Info for pupils coming for lessons- 8 October 2020

Our Risk Assessment is also available on request.

Some observations from returning pupils as to how lessons and the arrangements have changed are available here:  Post lockdown lessons comments – 17 August 2020

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