“I came to Bashful Alley Centre when John opened up there in 1989. I had already been to see John for some time, and had found his Alexander technique lessons wonderfully effective in resolving life-ruining back pain. I found the work quite fascinating and continued to come for lessons until I left Lancaster in 1999. Before learning about the technique it did seem that often it was “just one thing after another”: I was simply too busy. Busy-ness was a habit. Learning to pause, to step back and to hold back seemed to give life a shape and meaning. The only parallel I can suggest is in my spiritual life: more prayer needed, less action.”

Michael Wheeler

“Having been associated with Bashful Alley from its inception, watched it grow to a wonderful nurturing place in the centre of Lancaster, and received the benefits of it myself over many years when working as a therapist, I never ceased to be both consoled and encouraged by the notice at the top of John’s stairs which reads, “You teach best what you need to learn most!”

Meg and Denis McCaldin

“Every lesson with John is unique and the Alexander Technique has completely revolutionised how I move through space and how I stand on my own two feet. With John I constantly learn something new about my own body and about the human body in general, I never cease to be amazed by the miraculous workings of both.”

Linder Sterling

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