I have recently finished creating this website. The website brings different aspects of my work under one umbrella. This involved my organizing a lot of information. Sifting through this information I was surprised by an extraordinary and unexpected insight: how much the areas of interest that seem so muscular such as my natural running work are full of thinking and also how the thoughtful activity of the mindfulness work seemed so full of muscle. So instead of the tedium of sorting out information and content I discovered an insight and a context for this next series of Mindfulness-in-Action workshops! The focus is on the crossover point that brings together thought and muscle: It is in the hyphen (-) between Mind-Body, between psycho-physical and between the neuro-muscular.

The most important axis of these Mindfulness-in-Action workshops is being revealed as the interplay at the interface between mind and body, We are all different and in another way all the same – perhaps we all have different individual ways to arrive at this interface. Maybe we can help each other to arrive at this all-important interconnection.

Every one of these workshops is different. What different individuals bring to the workshop determines the different aspects that will open up for me and for participants. This will for sure, involve attention, presence and interplay. Discovering new ways to find out and to experience vital new insights happens because of a particular expansive and inclusive quality of attention. It centres you in the middle of the present moment. There is one essential to bring along with you to the workshop: Your presence. To be present in an open and expansive way is to arrive at the mind-body interface. This is Beginners Mind and it enables you to participate creatively at the interplay between mind and body. At the interface it becomes clear that vibrant health is an expression of the creative action of this interplay.

It is not my intention or the object of these courses to show you how to do mindfulness but to be aware in an expansive way of what might be preventing you from becoming more present. Do not expect to be given answers and solutions. It is more concerned with an openness to receive and participate in an  evermore inclusive and expansive way to discover and to find out what it means to be human.

There are extensive summaries of past workshops if you want to discover more about what to expect and how the Mindfulness-in-Action workshops unfold.

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